Ukrainian Flags


A student-driven fundraising campaign in support of vulnerable populations affected by the war in Ukraine. 

We, the diverse, international students who form the AUR community, have been shocked and saddened by the invasion of Ukraine and the human suffering this action has caused. 

We watch with horror the reports from this beautiful country as a people, through no fault of its own, suffers a barrage of aggression and repression. Before our eyes, people’s lives, homes, and futures are destroyed, and we feel we must help in any way that we can. 

With the support of the entire community, we ‘AUR Wolves’ have organized this fundraising campaign to provide some small relief where we can.


Donations to ‘AUR Wolves For Peace’ will be divided equally between two recipients: 

  1. An emergency scholarship fund for fellow AUR student, Anastasiia G., whose family members were recently forced to flee Crimea in the face of Russian annexation 

  2. Support for refugees of any nationality escaping the war in Ukraine via the Scalabrini/ASCS “We Care for Ukraine” campaign 


We’d like to publicly acknowledge the support of AUR’s President, Scott Sprenger, who has pledged a personal matching donation of up to 1,000 euro to this campaign, and the support of the AUR’s Student Clubs and Government, all of whom are contributing to the fundraising initiative. 

Please, join us in helping both Anastasiia and the numerous victims of this senseless war whose names we do not know but whose pain we share. 


No donation is too small (or too large!). 



The AUR Wolfpack, 2022. 


Alongside the initiative detailed above, the AUR student community has already been active in working to support the people of Ukraine.


Kicking off the campaign was an Open Mic Night organized by Media Club, Arts Club, and IRGP Club, with sponsorship by Student Government and Business Club. Students have set up an on-campus collection of food, toiletries, and medical supplies that are destined for Rome’s Ukrainian church, Santa Sofia, from where they will be distributed to those in need.


Students have also been raising cash donations directly through on-campus collection tins.