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Program enhancement

Centers that matter

Annual fund


By choosing to support The AUR annual fund, you join the AUR community of alumni, parents, friends, students, faculty, and staff who make AUR possible every day. Annual fund gifts impact nearly all programs and people at AUR and help us build on our mission, supporting faculty as they teach, staff as they ensure our students succeed, and students to make the most of their life-changing educational experience.  

AUR's annual fund also allows us to maintain and expand our beautiful campus on top of Janiculum Hill, whether by renovating classrooms and building infrastructure or improving our IT systems to enhance student learning.

The impact of your flexible gift is visible and tangible every day in every area: from academics to student experience, from campus improvements to faculty and staff support.   


Campus expansion to match growth

The American University of Rome is on a robust growth trajectory, with momentum leading to our goal of 900 -1000 students by 2028. This growth has brought new challenges - most notably space. 

In anticipation of our success, the university’s strategic plan prioritizes expansion within the Barnabite monastery. The plan also focuses on designing a more student-centered campus with refreshed classrooms, improved furniture and technologies, and centrally located student services, such as a new Center of Career Strategy and Experiential Learning.



Campus Garden & Sporting Facilities

The AUR campus garden is the heart of our community, and the AUR sports teams are its spirit. 


Centers That Matter

AUR’s Center’s That Matter have been created to directly benefit the entire student body. They create opportunities to strengthen all students’ skills, professionalism, and career-readiness. 


Global Center for Womens' Leadership

The Center for Food Studies

Our vision is to see AUR graduates become successful women leaders who make a transformative social and political impact across the globe on the issues of our day.

Promoting academic research and cultural activities involving the AUR community alongside professionals from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the World Food Program, and other industry bodies.

The Aventinus Minor Project (AMP)

The Center for Design & Entrepreneurship

AMP is a comprehensive, community & research-focused archaeological project in Rome. A team of professors from AUR works with university and high school students, who become active participants in the full lifecycle of archaeological research and conservation.

The AUR CDE serves as an open space for students and scholars to learn, connect, and work with international companies, start-ups, industry experts, and professional entrepreneurs in a collaborative, hands-on environment.


Office of Career Strategy and Experiential Learning

AUR is in urgent need of a robust and up-to-date career strategy and internship program to support students and to ensure the viability of the liberal arts curriculum that we all deeply value.

We seek to support the current and future needs of AUR’s growing student body and dramatically increase alumni engagement.
A revitalized Center will:

  • Fulfill our collective vision of a robust career strategy and services office with an expanded high-quality internship program.

  • Support AUR REAL PROJECTS; a team-based internship program that helps students transition from academic life to the modern workplace, working in groups on real projects of a sponsoring company or organization.

  • Create greater access to career professionals, partnerships, and affiliates.

  • Increase alumni engagement via student mentoring programs, mock interview sessions, and speaking opportunities.

  • Increase business community engagement by locating industry representatives directly on campus.

  • Provide professional certifications

  • Deliver overall organizational efficiency and outcomes.

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