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Annual fund

Areas of greatest need fund

Gifts to AUR's Areas of Greatest Need fund allow AUR to address its most critical priorities, providing university leadership with resources to take advantage of arising opportunities, sustain core programs and react to unprecedented challenges.


By choosing to support the Areas of Greatest Need, you join the AUR community of alumni, parents, friends, students, faculty, and staff who make AUR possible every day. Annual fund gifts impact nearly all programs and people at AUR.  

Allowing us to use your gift for operating costs helps us build on our mission, supporting faculty as they teach, staff as they ensure our students succeed, and students to make the most of their life-changing educational experience.  

AUR's annual fund also allows us to maintain and expand our beautiful campus on top of the Janiculum hill, whether by renovating classrooms and building infrastructure or improving our IT systems to enhance student learning.


The impact of your flexible gift is visible and tangible every day in every area: from academics to student experience, from campus improvements to faculty and staff support.   

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