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Annual fund

Mia P.
AUR alumna & donor


“I give to AUR because I want future generations of students to find their passion in the classroom, make lifelong friends on campus, and grow as individuals in the Eternal City - just like I did.”

Mohamad M.
Recipient of the Rula Jebreal Scholarship Fund, 2016.


I can say, without exaggeration, that my life drastically took a turn after being awarded the scholarship to study at AUR. For me, it was not just a university, but a place that embraced, supported, & strengthened me.

Brayden J.
Centers that Matter: The AMP project, 2020.

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 11.48.43.jpg

The Aventinus Minor Project (AMP) last summer was a great experience. To be able to participate in a combination of fieldwork, archaeological research, and understand the use of technological breakthroughs like ground penetrating radar was an amazing opportunity.  

Isabella S.
Recipient of a donor-funded scholarship, 2019


I have seen both my creative side and my sense of self improve and evolve. It means a lot to me to have this support, and I am grateful to have this opportunity at AUR to continue to grow as an artist. 

Rama J.
Recipient of the Rula Jebreal Scholarship Fund, 2016

The things I have learned here [at AUR] gave me a fresh perspective on the world and a clear vision as to why things happen across societies, not just my own. Education is the most powerful tool in shaping these societies. 

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