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#GivingTuesday 2022 

AUR’s Academic Field Trip Scholarship Fund 
72-hours - $10,000

Join the movement, support AUR students:
explorers today, leaders tomorrow. 

GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement, unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and their world. GivingTuesday will kick off the generosity season this year by inspiring people to give back on November 29, 2022, and throughout the year. 


Again this year, for #GivingTuesday, we have set up a 72-hour campaign in support of AUR’s Academic Field Trip fund to enable students in financial need to experience AUR's essential academic field trips without causing them undue financial hardship.


“Rome is our laboratory, Italy is our classroom, the world is our potential.” 

And this is exactly what makes AUR so special.   

Every dollar counts to help us reach our
$10,000 goal in three days

Just click the button below to donate now.

We're getting there! 

AUR's Student Government


Following in the footsteps of Prof. James Walston - who took his IR students to Northern Ireland, Kosovo and Montenegro, Basque Country, Brussels, Geneva, Ghana, and more - today, each AUR department gives students the opportunity to expand their academic experience beyond Rome and even Italy via transformative academic field trips. But what is now fundamental and iconic to the AUR learning experience is not always within the financial reach of AUR's brightest and most deserving students. Last year's AURSG chose to join the Advancement Office and the Office of the President in creating the AUR Field Trip Scholarship Fund, and we are proud to be the second of what will hopefully be a long tradition of AURSG support to this worthy cause. We hope you will join us!

Irene Caratelli 


Griffin Evans 
AUR alumnus


Kirsty Young
AUR Admissions & Financial Aid

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Elizabeth Wueste 


Academic Field Trips are a way for students to challenge and express their ideas about international relations with experts, diplomats, and policymakers. These encounters and exchanges shape students’ thoughts and attitudes towards world affairs. As hands-on research and discovery experiences, field trips complement theoretical in-class discussions opening the minds and widening students' horizons, thus helping them become a community of engaged world citizens. 

"I remember how the professors would take us on the train to Florence, we would go and see Michelangelo’s David in the morning and be back in Rome for dinner in the evening… It was just amazing. Many of my friends who went to Ivy League schools couldn’t match that experience – there’s no comparison. You wish everyone could come and do it but some of my classmates simply couldn't afford it." 

Academic field trips are a great way of enhancing and complimenting what is learned in the classroom, and we are proud to be able to offer this opportunity to students from all backgrounds thanks to the Academic Field Trip Scholarship. Anyone can learn from a textbook, but real-life experience is unbeatable!

Traveling around the Mediterranean and Europe is an integral part of the Archaeology and Classics curriculum. We bring our students to London, Berlin, Athens, and locations within Italy-- Umbria, Sicily, Arezzo, Campania. This kind of international travel is often the highlight of their college careers. It is a chance to combine theoretical knowledge and history with hands-on experience in bridging cultures. Our students must experience the diversity and breadth of the ancient world beyond Rome-- the ancient Greeks and Romans certainly did, and so AUR students should too! 

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