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Annual fund

We are proud to have an active and engaged community at AUR. Alumni, parents, friends, donors, and companies all sustain and help us further our mission and, while we are always in need of financial support, there are also other ways that you can help our students and our activities.

Can you spare your time & talent?

Mentoring: More than a friend, more than a professor, mentors help our students transition from university to working life. Whether you have just an hour to spare with a student to give advice, or you have the time to partner with a student during their final year at AUR, your experience and time will make a huge impact.  

Lecturing: Do you have an expertise you would like to share with one of our classes? Are you a leader in your sector or have you made an impact with your start-up? We are always looking out for inspiring career paths and experiences. Tell us more and we will put you in touch with our faculty for a guest lecture, a class, or a round table. Alumni… reach out and come back to participate in the alumni lecture series.  

Posting and Sharing: Are you a social media addict? Do you have an interesting network of contacts? Spend some time posting and sharing AUR news and events around the world. 

Engaging: If AUR has changed your life or that of your children, and if you feel many others should experience our education, we want you! Volunteer as an Alumni or Parent Ambassador and help us out during the recruitment process by hosting an event or sharing your experience. 

Career development & internships

Do you own a company that could use some help? Contact our career and development office to learn more about our internship programs and how we can set up an agreement with your company 


Do you work for a company that is hiring? Contact us and tell us more, our career and internship office will help you identify candidates, and we will be also happy to promote the job on our alumni dedicated pages.  

Do you have a network of contacts, and would you like to help us explore partnership opportunities? Whatever the connection might be, it is worth exploring! 


If you're not sure how you could help but you are motivated to try, just fill in your details below and we'll arrange a one-to-one discussion with our Development office.

Have you got ideas about how you could help?

Thank you for contacting us! We're looking forward to connecting with you properly and so will drop you an email in the next few days.

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