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What we do

The American University of Rome’s Alumni Relations Team is part of the Advancement Office. Its goal is to strengthen the worldwide community of AUR alumni through increased opportunities for meaningful engagement, both online and offline. AUR is not only an academic institution; it is also a place where many find lifelong friends and share life-changing experiences.


The Alumni Relations Team aims to act as a liaison for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, opportunities, and memories between AUR alumni and the entire AUR community. We believe that our community is our greatest asset, and we want our alumni to feel as much a part of it as they did when they studied in Rome.  

The American University of Rome’s Alumni Relations Team: 

  • Creates connections and builds networks between people who share AUR experiences;  

  • Keeps Alumni informed about programs and activities of the University;   

  • Organizes events around the world aimed at strengthening the bonds between Alumni and AUR;  

  • Showcases stories of personal and professional success of Alumni. 

Meet the team

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